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Alfred Yin
Rent To Own GA
We specialized in helping you achieve the American Dream of Home Ownership
Rent To Own Program. It's a three prog approach helping rent to own buyers rehabilitate their credit scores, putting aside 30% of their rent payment toward down payment, assist them in finding financing to reach their dream of home ownership.
4880 Lower Roswell Road Suite 165 PMB 226
Marietta GA 30068
In attempt to free myself of 60 - 80 a week health care professional career, I started a restaurant investing much of what we had in savings. Concerned over the possibility of venture failure, I did not give up my job so I hired manager, chef, waitresses and with utilities and rent my over head exceeded $8,000 a month while income from restaurant was at best $6000 a month - thus have a deficit of $2000 - $3000 a month which I charged to my credit cards. After two years of struggling to make the business work I signed over the remaining lease term to someone else and took a lost which hit my credit severely. I subsequently tried a dry cleaners business and likewise had similar negative impact on my credit. Eventually I become successful on an online business that generate good income, learned how to bring our credit scores up and become home owners! So now we take it upon ourselves to help others with credit challenges that would like to become home owner with our comprehensive Rent
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